Aloha From Lavaland

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Aloha From Lavaland; Life in the Midst of a Slow-Motion Disaste
r is a Larkin Pictures documentary following Hawaii’s small-town community of Pahoa as they prepare for the unpreparable: the June 2014 lava flow that threatened to wipe out the town’s main access road. The documentary¬†shows a different side of the story as community members act with courage, compassion, and¬†resilience.

Produced in conjunction by Gift Culture Media and Pure Mother Love, Aloha from Lavaland explores what it really means to live in such an unpredictable paradise, and what the incident can teach the rest of the world about community, sustainability, harmony, and aloha.

The winner of two awards, Aloha From Lavaland has played at multiple film festivals across the country.

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