Larkin Pictures is an award-winning independent production company based out of the Big Island, Hawai’i. Founded in 2012, the company has produced three films and is currently in post-production on their fourth.

Larkin Pictures’ core team is comprised of co-founders Phillips Payson and Zoe Eisenberg.

734566_10101595677671006_8689114888804357462_nPhillips Payson is a Big Island-based director, cinematographer and the Technical Director for the Hawaii International Film Festival. A graduate of the Transmedia Film program at Syracuse University, Payson has directed and edited two narrative feature films, a documentary, and several short films. Before moving to Hawaii, Payson worked with Deluxe New York, a full service post production house in New York City.


gaGiSrTMiEvtVY5b7efOkC5owJ9ZSL20-UNvXAnmaJY,kBzoYvXIO8xmO69sLZPjfVcNUXyTLKc2Fc2kTzUF3kc,kUuWAwAJlON3w1qw6YtynU07N8oaRH6I0bPDNVEBhGgZoe Eisenberg is an accomplished writer and producer who has written and produced several feature and short films, a documentary, music videos, trailers and photo shoots. A published author,  you can view her work at www.ZoeEisenberg.com.